ITS FINALLY HERE! Collaboration Campaign!

Thank you all for being so patient! It’s finally the moment that you’ve all been waiting for: the release of my special content for the collaborative campaign with DormByDesign and SpellbindingComic to promote the Women Helping Women Organization – a women’s empowerment organization dedicated to building better lives for women.

This video was created in order to aid women in economic security by helping them create an interview and every day work makeup look that is appropriate for the professional field! This look may also benefit women fresh from college entering the workforce as well as women re-entering the workforce.

I had a lot of fun making this video and I hope you enjoy watching my first ever makeup tutorial!

Also! I will be reposting content from one of my awesome lady friends so keep a look out for that as well as check out Women Helping Women and see how you can get involved with their organization and benefit the lives of other women!




Women Empowerment Project Announcement


Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce a collaboration project with Mollie Applegate from DormsByDesign, and Jess Dotson of  Spellbinding. Each of our sites are created by women so we thought it would be an awesome idea to spread awareness of women empowerment by teaming up with Women Helping Women in New York. To raise awareness of the organization each of us will be posting content that will be related to empowering women. Mollie will be creating a how-to video on creating an inspirational space. Jess will be making a video discussing her top 5 favorite women in comics. Lastly I will be creating a makeup tutorial of an easy, sophisticated interview look! Also be sure to check out Women Helping Women to see how you can get involved with empowering women in your town!

Mollie Applegate:

Jess Dotson:

Pictured is borrowed from QuotesGram

Screencast Skincare Review

To create this screencast I used the free version of screencast-o-matic. I have never recorded a screencast and in the past I had always wondered how people made videos of their desktop. Using screencast-o-matic was super easy to use and self explanatory. The only trouble I had was with messing up and having to start over completely, but that is because I was using the free version which doesn’t give you the option of editing parts out. Other than that I would recommend screencast-o-matic to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to record screencast videos.

First Podcast

I had an interesting experience with Audacity. I wasn’t to stressed out with making a banner but the idea of recording my voice and playing around with an audio editing software seriously intimidated me – I do makeup NOT technology. The biggest task honestly was getting over my fear/discomfort of hearing my recorded voice. During the first few recordings I couldn’t even speak! Words were just not coming out until I started warming up and then hit record and felt less awkward about it. Then it was time for selecting a song and some editing. I actually really like the song I chose and may even put it on my phone to listen to, it reminds me of some of the artists I listen to. I selected a part of the song that I felt would work well as a intro, background, and ending music and then cut off the extra and then added the auto-duck effect. When I was first working on this I was overwhelmed and then when I came back to it I realized that I was done and was completely over thinking the project. Audio editing was just something that I’ve ner done before sine I’ve never needed to know how to do it and turns out its way simpler than I thought!

Song used is “Thumbs Up” by Leisure-B and was borrowed from Free Music Archive

New Header!

You may have noticed that the site has changed quite drastically from last week. WordPress makes it insanely easy to change the theme of your website or blog which was very convenient since I needed to change mine for my header to work – almost!

Since I thought taking Photo Imaging in high school was going to super fun it actually turned out to come in handy for this. From having prior experience to Photoshop as well as GIMP in the past I decided to use GIMP for this project. If you’re familiar with Photoshop the translation is pretty easy and GIMP works just as efficiently for a fraction of the cost. Well, more than a fraction because its FREE! My rekindled knowledge of photo editing has allowed me to realize that I can put images together on my own and don’t need a graphic designer to do this for me.

I searched through images on Flickr and Google and ultimately found some images on google that interested me most. I selected one to use as the background of my header and another of a makeup brush vector to use to create a logo.

As you can see there is no logo on my header and that’s because I experienced some difficulty that I will be troubleshooting and working through.

I was really rusty using software like this so it took me an hour or so to get back into the groove. I came up with a cool logo that I thought would pair well with the header image I chose as well as look great on its on. Problems arose when I uploaded the image to WordPress – the image was expanded resulting with my logo being cut-off and/or off center. I tried changing the theme to see if that was the issue and even with the new theme the same thing happened. My file for the header matched the scale of what the theme required so I’m not quite sure what the problem is so I will have to try something else out.

So for the meantime I am just using the image I found without my logo which I think adds a nice touch to my site!

UPDATE: I wanted to add the image with the logo so you can see it!


Header image was taken by Sodanle Chea and borrowed from, the vector image used for the logo was borrowed from

First Post! Setting up Site with WordPress…

WOW! This is the first site/blog that I have ever created and the first time I have felt slightly tech savvy since the days of MySpace and Neopets. At first I was overwhelmed with the process of creating a site especially on WordPress which I have never used nonetheless even heard of. The biggest speedbump I came to was creating widgets and the different links that would be on my page. I tried watching one of the YouTube tutorials about creating a WordPress blog but I found it to be too slow and it didn’t catch my interest so I found myself trying to figure it out on my own. Once I became more familiar with the layout and interface of WordPress it all began to make sense and it all took off from there. The images below depict some of the emotions I went through during this process!


Images found on